Sunday, October 30, 2016

Destroy all monsters! - Gorechosen rethemed - Brainstorm

Games Workshop's most recent foray into boardgames; 'Gorechosen', is a rather sublime design.
It is simple to play, which makes it accessible. It uses very few components, so this also makes it accessible with little to cause confusion over and reinforces ease of game play.

As nice as the design of the game engine is though, the IP behind it is not accessible to those who haven't spent hours immersed in GW's fantasy property.
"Why does everyone have these weird symbols on them?"
"They are followers of a chaos god known as Khorne. Thus, they decorate themselves in that which delights khorne."
"They believe in a god called 'Corn'? That's nearly as stupid as these symbols look."
"Not 'Corn'. But 'Khorne'. Huge difference."
"If you say so..."
"He is the chaos god of blood, skulls and war. His followers bellow: 'Blood for the blood god, and skulls for his throne' as they wade into battle with their axes swinging."
"Hmmmm... Sounds corny."

So those of you who have read my delinquent blog will notice, I love a good retheme of a decent game.

I've stepped through a couple ideas about how to do this for gorechosen, but have settled on reskinning the game with kaiju models found in Monsterpocalypse. One model for each faction.

Kaiju games that are quick, simple, fun AND compelling to play are sadly unheard of, so its about time one came into being. Gorechosen is the perfect candidate for this.

I've attempted to stick as closely to the Gorechosen design as possible. While its obvious that the rules were designed around the bloodbound models, they work well so I went through the models present in Monsterpocalypse and tried to find models to fit the character rules. This is what I came up with:

Tark Gruelgore = Ancient Osheroth
Scourge = Imprisonment
Blood whip = Binding Tentacles

Kore Hammerskull = Mantacon
Mighty swing = Scythe Slice
Build momentum = Mantis Feast

Vexnar the Reaper = Zor-Magna
Contempt = Hypnotic Compulsion
Flurry = Kung Fury

Atorg Bloodbringer = Terra Khan
Portal = Atomic Breath
Bloodwake = Radioactive

Fexgor the Flayer = Legionnaire
Blood bind = Domination Algorithm
Prayers = Recharge

Redarg Bloodfane = Hammerklak
Bull charge = Subterranean Surprise
Skullgouger = Drill Bits

Hagreth Doomhand = Tectomac
Spear rush = Crystalline Strike
Impale = Impale

Heldrax Goretouched = Gorghadra
Blood boil = Plasma Discharge
Cleave = Crushing Claws

Valkia = Ares Mothership
Swooping strike = Warp Jump
Heart strike = Neutron Lasers
Demonshield = Temporal Shift

Skarr = Mega Cyber Khan
Slaughter storm = Cluster Missiles
Cyclone = Tail Sweep
Never-dying = More Machine Than Monster

Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Game (yet):


King Kondo

I'll have to design new rules for these models to make them fit.

I think the board will be comprised of either 2.5" or 3" hexes.

Buildings from Monsterpocalypse will be used as obstructions, and hazardous waste rubble will be used as pits.

One new tweak that has worked is to randomly select what type of obstacle will be contained within each red framed hex.

1-2 is a hazardous waste site, 3-6 is a building.

Hazardous waste sites also contain a building upon initial placement (nuclear power plant, sewage plant, oil refinery, cathedral) and remain in place until a kaiju is pushed into it. The kaiju then takes D3 wounds as usual for colliding into obstructions, but the building is destroyed and removed, immediately replaced with a hazardous waste tile.

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