Saturday, July 11, 2015

Unofficial Arena of the Planeswalkers scenarios using Heroscape tiles

Here are some unofficial Arena of the Planeswalkers scenarios for those of you who possess and prefer to use Heroscape terrain. These are not even remotely budget maps, but then again, what regarding Heroscape is anymore...

There are quite a few on my drive. I'll update this post as I convert the scenarios to PDF,

Click each name, and it will take you to each complete PDF file.


  1. W O W ! These are beautiful maps. They were nicely done can always be scaled down depending upon the amount HeroScape tiles available. Even with my huge collection of H'scape stuff, I don't have enough Underdark mountains to build Hoodoo Badlands. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'm looking forward to obtaining my own M:tG-AotPWs game, trying it on 3D terrain boards, and also seeing more of your custom scenarios.

    1. It's not easy to build Hoodoo Badlands, but it's possible...

  2. Ide buy something you made. Let me know a price and mke it like the tropical one for up to 5 ppl and I'll buy it off you. Email me at


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