Friday, November 21, 2014

Heroscape Marvel engraved thematic replacement dice

Toystorian Enterprises is running a Kickstarter for unpainted custom engraved dice, that ends in a bit over a week.

I dig custom dice like this, but have a lot of difficulty coming up with a reasonable cost for a small amount of dice. I am often stuck just hitting photoshop and making stickers to throw on indented dice, which is fine, but I enjoy the durability of engraved cubes.

I have a few other projects that I am using this service for, but I figured I would make some for my herscape game, since I only use Marvel Heroclix to play it.

There is a fair amount of fans doing custom character work for Heroscape using clix figs of all kinds, and I figured I would share my results as I am quite pleased with them and think I can help out not only the Heroscape community, but get a few other people into the Kickstarter as well since you won't have to do any work to order the dice if you like this style.

I decided to just make each die face different, while still keeping the faces relevant for the game thematically using the classic onomatopoeia explosion balloons and forcing the defensive verbs into like roles. 
Instead of the sixth face being blank as is typical on Heroscape dice, I threw in the "wha... huh?!" moment in there to illustrate those "duh" moments the blank die face could represent. Helps the theme, and it also helps balance the dice rolling out by removing some weight.
If it looks too busy and hard to discern what die face is what, using the normal color coding will greatly help what each die face is at a glance. I chose to illustrate this using the bone colored die option, as it appears to resemble an aged comic book page.
A dozen dice will run you $20 which includes shipping, and expected delivery is February of 2015 if you submit your dice plans promptly after the KS ends. All you will need beyond that is a set of paint pens, as is detailed in the Kickstarter page linked above.

You can also use these files to print your own dice or what have you, as I am releasing this as a share alike and attributable creative commons license.

You can download any needed files for the above project from this LINK.

Andrew at Toystorian Enterprises  liked them enough, that he sent me a couple sample pics to show how well they look once the designs are laser engraved onto the dice. Have a peek:

I was a bit concerned that the font may need to be adjusted in order to avoid the letters blending together like blobs. But after chatting further with him about it, he slapped some quich paint on a couple and I am no longer worried that adjustments will be neccessary. A very professional guy. Thanks Andrew.

Have Fun!

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