Monday, September 29, 2014

Wiz-War spellbook themed tuckboxes for sleeved cards

Tuckboxes to separate each school of magic from one another in a thematic fashion.
Contains tuckboxes for the base game, as well as the Malefic Curses and Bestial Forces expansions.

Time/Life books presents Archmage McGillicuddy's Encyclopaedia Magicae. Each codex is lovingly bound in only the finest leather made from the hide of cacodaemon conjured from the seventh circle of hades. The pages are made from sheets of moleskin parchment bleached under moonbeams, and hand lettered by our gnomish scribes using the ink of the kraken by the light of Saturn. The leaves are gilded with the gossamer of pixie wings and locked from prying eyes using glyphs of warding. As a finishing touch, a book mark made from the tongue of a basilisk is permanently affixed to the spine. For nothing says to your peers "I haz teh magikz" quite like a basilisk tongue wedged betwixt its pages. 

No mage worth their psaltes should be caught performing their arts without such grimoires of wizardy and legerdemain adorning their candlelit lectern. 

Our mystical operators are standing by their scying mirrors awaiting your commune. 

Don't delay, unfathomed mysteries await thee.

The file can be downloaded from this LINK.

For those of you who are new to papercrafting, here is a link to some helpful tutorial videos from the guys who make papercraft their business:
Worldworks Papercrafting Tutorials

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  1. These are awesome, great job! I'm using Mayday green sleeves and these tuckboxes are about 33% too deep for them, do you have copies for unsleeved cards that might work well with thin sleeves? I don't mind the extra depth other than that it prevents me from storing everything in the main box. Thanks again! :)


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