Sunday, November 10, 2013

Model update

You all must see this Kickstarter project for the new Aliens / Colonial Marines / Predator miniatures game. It ends on November 28th 2013, so hurry!

 Its going to be a bit pricey, but this kickstarter is for finer detailed poly urethane resin models. A plastic counter part will be released late 2014. So now you don't have to hunt for those damn Wizkids Alien figures anymore or, more importantly, have to kit bash your own colonial marines anymore.

 Plus, you get a new game that looks like an interesting take on the Space Hulk idea.

 As for the rest of the Aliens Space Hulk project, it has obviously been sidelined for quite awhile. New projects being worked on, life getting in the way as it so often does, etc. Any work that does get done is slow going.

 I was sent a small kit for the plastic "Spaceship X" corridors to review their product for this site, but after it took them over a year to send it, and having to deal with real life difficulties at that time, I was never able to complete them in order to form a decent review. I will say it is an extremely sturdy product that is very practical. Aesthetic and pricing value leave something to be desired though. Overall, if you need a 3D spacehulk board, you would be hard pressed to find an overall better product as of this time.

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