Friday, December 4, 2009

Aliens Rulebook preview

Gah! My post got eaten! Ok... lets try this again eh?

I just wanted to take this opportunity to show off a preview of a few pages of the Aliens rulebook I have been working on. (Click any image to enlarge)

Front Cover:

Inside Cover and Table of Contents:

Random pages:

The rulebook is 50 pages and very close to completion. I am only waiting on feedback from a few proofreaders before I release it as a final version for free download. There should be very few if any modifications required before its finalized.

The mission book will be 80 pages and is about half way finished. Here is a taste of what to expect in it:
Thats about it. I will update in a few days with more pics of the Mission Book contents.

As always, critique and witty reportie are welcome.


  1. This is looking very cool indeed. Can't wait to see and play the finished game!!

    Matty Jetman

  2. The entire package looks fantastic. You are obviously pulling from a rich source of Alien related imagery.

    I do hope this gets released.

    I would make all the page numbers on the contents index line up vertically for a cleaner easier reference.


  3. hi!! I looking for months for news in this one, I'm a very big fan of aliens too...I also have made modification in the aliens miniatures, and cast some eggs for new minis.....if you like the idea tell me and I`ll send some pics, for reference, it`s very easy and look very good... hope you finish this rules, they look very interesting.....
    cheers.... fernando from spain

  4. Hi this looks great when is it getting published its just what I have been waiting for


  5. lovely! where have you been all my life?
    Any updates on this project? This thing must be completed!

  6. I just realized this is from nine years ago.


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