Friday, December 11, 2009

Aliens Mission Book preview

Here is an update for the Aliens Mission Book. Just a few page shots to illustrate whats inside of the book as hinted by the contents page posted one week ago. As usual, click the images to enlarge.

Front Cover:

Random Pages:


The Mission Book contains additional scenario content to generate games beyond what is found in the campaign missions, allowing the player to have quite a bit of variance for perpetual re-play value:

Two of the twenty pages of background:
 Inside back cover and back cover:

 Thats the preview of whats to come. I hope you find it an enjoyable taste. The book still needs to have its design layout completed for a few of the missions, but otherwise its also complete.

Next for the Aliens game project is the paraphernalia book, containing all pieces necessary to play it (minus a few six sided dice) and allowing players to "Print&Play" the game. Everything from standups for the Colonial Marines and Aliens, to the maps used to play them on, etc. This bit will take a bit of time however, so the next likely updates to this blog will be the 3D models and board sections created to play this game.


  1. Wow this looks brilliant dude - can't wait!!!

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  3. Wow.

    I have been half-assedly picking up some of the required bits and pieces for a "proper" Aliens re-theme of Space Hulk for years, but this blows my efforts out of the water.

    I really cant wait to see more of this. The miniatures that you are prepping are great and everything, but this is where the meat is for me.

    I hope that you dont plan to alter the 3rd Ed *rules* in any significant way (even though obviously, thats entirely up to you). I think that the rules as they are in 3rd Ed are pretty much as good as they are ever going to be.

    The missions on the other hand have huge scope. I cant wait to see what you come up with for them.

    Lastly, have you ever seen the floor plans for "Doom: the Boardgame"? They are very like the Space Hulk equivalents except that the corridors are two squares wide.

    Ever since I saw the Doom floor plans I have imagined playing Space Hulk/Aliens on them. I think that the ability to have two Marines side by side captures the feel of the majority of the Aliens movie more that the very narrow Space Hulk corridors.

    Obviously the Aliens would have to have their blip count increased (or an equivalent balancing advantage) to compensate for the dramatic increase in efficiency of the Marines. Additionally, it would obviously require players to have yet another add-on to play. But I cant help but think that it would have exactly the right feel for the majority of the Hadleys Hope corridors.

    But Im waffling now, so I will stop :)

    If by any chance you want any playtesting done on your Missions, then feel free to contact me ;)

    Your work on this is genuinely inspiring.

  4. I was tipped to this site, and what you're doing is very very inspiring! What's the status on the mission book?

  5. Spectacular work... really! Sorry I could not see it before, but I'm really intrigued!
    I already rebased and repainted the Horroclix aliens (and predators!) to be used in Space Hulk, but something so well themed would be really welcome....
    I agree also TOTALLY with Sho3box concerning DOOM, with some adaptations it has some really interesting options to add to the "aliens" game.
    Apart from the spectacular gameboard, obviously!
    Is it possible to keep in touch, and eventually give some help for this project?

  6. Hahaha- Pvt. Flauta! That's great. It's hard to imagine Felix in a combat situation. Anyway, this stuff looks awesome. Glad I thought to check back here for the first time in far too long.

  7. This looks amazing.

    I'm amassing the figures and board pieces I will need to run this. Any update on the book's release?

  8. Hi this looks great how can I get hold of it its just what I have been looking for> even done my own Cadian conversions but manged to get a shot gun fron assault group.


  9. Is there any chance of getting hold of this and the rules

  10. I've been looking for something like this for years!!! Are copies of the rule and mission book available for download???
    Is begging an option??
    Seriously though, I'd love to get these! Please let me know!

    : )


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