Friday, December 11, 2009

Aliens Mission Book preview

Here is an update for the Aliens Mission Book. Just a few page shots to illustrate whats inside of the book as hinted by the contents page posted one week ago. As usual, click the images to enlarge.

Front Cover:

Random Pages:


The Mission Book contains additional scenario content to generate games beyond what is found in the campaign missions, allowing the player to have quite a bit of variance for perpetual re-play value:

Two of the twenty pages of background:
 Inside back cover and back cover:

 Thats the preview of whats to come. I hope you find it an enjoyable taste. The book still needs to have its design layout completed for a few of the missions, but otherwise its also complete.

Next for the Aliens game project is the paraphernalia book, containing all pieces necessary to play it (minus a few six sided dice) and allowing players to "Print&Play" the game. Everything from standups for the Colonial Marines and Aliens, to the maps used to play them on, etc. This bit will take a bit of time however, so the next likely updates to this blog will be the 3D models and board sections created to play this game.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Aliens Timer completed

"You have no chance to survive, make your time..."

These are timers for playing Aliens, or other science fiction games where a timer may come in handy.

It is a very portable solution, as this is just an MP3 audio cue timer.

The theme is meant to evoke the feeling that you are on a starship somewhere in deepspace, with the ship's artificial intelligence known as Mother alerting you with warnings of impending biological threats before your time runs out.

To add a bit more of the aliens element to the timer, one set has motion trackers chirping away in the background while to the timer runs out.

They only took about 4 hours to make. The rest of the story, and the timers themselves can be found here.


Aliens Rulebook preview

Gah! My post got eaten! Ok... lets try this again eh?

I just wanted to take this opportunity to show off a preview of a few pages of the Aliens rulebook I have been working on. (Click any image to enlarge)

Front Cover:

Inside Cover and Table of Contents:

Random pages:

The rulebook is 50 pages and very close to completion. I am only waiting on feedback from a few proofreaders before I release it as a final version for free download. There should be very few if any modifications required before its finalized.

The mission book will be 80 pages and is about half way finished. Here is a taste of what to expect in it:
Thats about it. I will update in a few days with more pics of the Mission Book contents.

As always, critique and witty reportie are welcome.