Friday, November 27, 2009

Looong over due update

Its been quite awhile since this blog has been updated and I am sure anyone who has ever read it believes I have forgotten about it. I assure you this isn't the case.

As we all know real life gets in the way of our hobbies and in this case this simple fact of life applies. From episodes such as switching jobs to having my camera stolen... this all makes updating a blog quite difficult as you may imagine.

Since April I have been quite busy modeling, so much so in fact that several more projects are in the works and some have gotten dropped with no hope of ever being finished.

The most popular of which (and the reason why this blog was started in the first place) is the Space Hulk project. This project is complete with the exception of many of the Hirstarts board sections still await completion. But all models and many board sections are done. I will update later with pics of the magnetized terminators and such.

BUT...I have lost interest in GW's idea of what Space Hulk should be using their background for the game. For the last couple years I have been working on making Space Hulk into the game it should have originally been, and that is Richard Halliwell's genius game design with background imagery from H.R.Giger's Alien and the Movie franchise that made it a pop culture icon for so many years. The movie "Aliens" did inspire GW to publish Space Hulk after all...

So, hereafter all Space Hulk modeling will be geared towards the Aliens theme.

Other projects in the past 8 months since the last update include:

  • War of the Rings This was immediately after my last update. During the casting of Space Hulk tiles I have been quite busy creating three separate armies for this very nice game. A Grey Mountain themed Dwarf army (3500 pts.), an all spider Misty Mountain army strongly themed to be the Children of Ungoliant (2000 pts.) and an Angmar army (3000 pts.) that relies heavily on the old Iron Crown Enterprises "Angmar, Land of the Witch-King" supplement for the Middle Earth Roleplaying game (MERPs to you older crowd who recall this gem). The Angmar army is the true labor of love since it relies so heavily on that background material, it will be the last WotR army that I complete due to the massive amount of detail required for the vision to be made reality.
  • Legends of the High Seas A local gamer by the name of John Stentz had organized a great group of players for this game for quite awhile until interest fizzled. At least I know if I want to ever get a game in I know that there are plenty of people willing and able to play.
  • Aliens themed Space Hulk This was the project immediately after my other Space Hulk project was completed. Nigel Brooks (a local gamer in the Minneapolis area) was nice enough to paint all the Colonial Marines for me, thus freeing time for me to persue other projects I needed to complete. Hirstarts, after the release of the 3rd edition Space Hulk, has also jumped on the Space Hulk bandwagon and has created new molds to use for such corridor games. These new blocks are actually superior to my earlier plans in one way, it allows a 3D feel to the board without having to resort to full walls in order to convey the dimensions. I have now made these newer tiles for space hulk a priority project, with the previous corridor project becoming a more longer term ideal.
  • The Hulk Archive This is my attempt at collecting every mission GW ever published into one tome for use with 3rd edition Space Hulk rules, using a new layout scheme to make everything cohesive, both mechanics and by graphic design. This project split into the need to create a new rulebook for 3rd edition Space Hulk as well due to the variant rules required to play these missions. This project is in danger of never seeing the light of day due to very recent draconian efforts by GW's legal department across the interweb (more on this development fully detailed later on this post).
  • Aliens As a natural development, the Hulk Archive project quickly brought me to modify the Space Hulk rulebook and mission book for use with the Alien themed space hulk project.
  • Hordes I swore off this game over a year ago, but since I was unsuccessful in ever selling my Legion of Everblight army, I figured since the announcement of the Hordes MarkII playtesting to begin late in November that I would give the game another try. Painting for this army has been quite furious in preparation for the field test rules release. I haven't met my goal of getting what I wanted painted, but it turns out I have enough painted to play rather than pushing around bare metal.
All of the preceding projects listed will have updates here in due time, pending a camera to take pics of the models...

Of what I did drop without ever looking back:

  • Warhammer Fantasy Battle The Tomb Kings have no hope of ever being finished. Ever. After playing War of the Rings, I have found that I can get my fantasy fix with a far superior game rather than resorting to playing a game like WHFB that is so fundamentally flawed that I will pull whats left of my hair out of my head. I do not regret this decision whatsoever. It actually makes me mad that GW can show me that they are competent enough to write good rules for a game, and yet they more or less snub their noses at their customers expecting them to ingest the garbage that is WHFB by the gallon. I guess that is why WHFB 8th edition will be making its debut in the 2nd - 3rd quarter of 2010. WHFB's failure is obvious to any but the most diehard, kool-aid drinking fanboy.
  • Ordo Sepulturum Dropping this project has arisen from the local gaming community. Frankly, most of the Warhammer 40,000 players here are the kind of people you wish were drowned as babies. The kind of people you wish you could kill their mother's for not doing so or for breeding in the first place. Dropping this very long project wasn't easy as I still love the models I have made for the army, but I prefer to play with people who at least know how to have fun, using a rules system not made of shit.
That about catches up with the modeling done since the last update I beleive.

The most recent event endangers my long time Space Hulk "Hulk Archive" project however. GW has recently gone on a rampage throughout the gaming community web sites to pass out Cease & Desist orders like they were parade candy.

While I recognize the right, nay need to protect their intellectual property, I find their methods to be quite over zealous in their execution. Board Game Geek has recently gone through a considerable amount of drama over this and I will just link you to the site rather than explain each detail:

Its rather depressing to think about all the hard work people do to promote the game through their own contributions only for the ability to share that hard work with others removed. Many of these old games wouldnt even be in existance if it werent for the diligent support given by the people who love these games. GW has basically taken the hard work that people have done, with products that they have paid for, and thrown their projects and loyalty in the trash.

Its just another reason whay I am glad that I despise the GW Space Hulk background and am using the mechanic for a much better property. It just makes it so much easier for me to not look back on that. For this reason, I am removing all Space Hulk links from my site. Its not much of a loss to the reader, as GW has already passed out C&D letters to those sites anyways...

So for any of you that still visit this horrendously delinquent page, thanks for reading and your interest!

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  1. Very interested in your space hulk work. Try to get some pics of the board sections. I've made a travel space hulk and am in the process of compiling maps, etc. from my old WD.


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