Monday, March 16, 2009

Space Hulk concept work: 3D Tiles #1

I have finally finished the design work for all tiles needed to play either 1st or 2nd ed Space Hulk in Google Sketchup. This includes all 1st ed expansions as well as all 2nd ed White Dwarf articles.

Now I merely need to wait for Bruce Hirst to deliver the molds I have ordered so that I might begin the construction of the masters for each section to later duplicate in resin with a one pieces mold.

The 1" tiles are arranged so that they form an easily discernible 2" square space to accommodate the newer 40mm base size found on Terminators. Since the Terminators are using 40mm bases, I will also be basing the Genestealers on 40mm bases as well to not only add consistency, but to help stability of the wide arm span Genestealer models have that often tip over when they are based on 25mm bases.
There is also a 1/4" cantilever on either side of the spaces where the floor joins the wall, so this creates a total 2.5" breadth across each corridor. This should allow enough spacing for Genestealers arm spans without scraping the walls.

This gives the added benefit of allowing this game board to serve dual purpose for other games using corridors which use models that are 25mm based.

The walls are 1.75" high from the top of the floor tiles. I did originally design them to be 2.25" high, but the extra half inch decreased the visibility of the models to such a degree that you had to stand over them to know where they were due to parallax. Amazing how much of a difference 1/2" makes.

While the tile lengths are increased to 2", most scenarios can still easily be played on a 6' x 4' gaming table. Often times I have found that even the very large missions can still be played on a 6'x 4' surface if the set up is laid out askew on the table.

I have heard a few dissenting opinions regarding this increased size, but Space Hulk was never so small a game that you could dump it on the kitchen table for anything but the smallest missions, so in my opinion, if you are going to play it go big or go home.

Doors have been made so that they will easily slide in and out of spaces for a more realistic look.

Bulkheads are also done in a similar way:

Here are a few examples of what each section will look like:

Gantry room from the 'Duty and Honor' White Dwarf 2nd ed campaign:

Retooled version of the Suicide mission form the Sins of Damnation campaign:
(the rounded end pieces that have hazard stripes are going to be Genestealer entry areas. The walls these entry areas contain will be ripped open to represent Genestealers clawing their way into the Space Hulk interior)

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