Sunday, March 15, 2009

Space Hulk concept work

For quite awhile now I have been contemplating making a Space Hulk game that is not only three dimensional, but as customizable as possible. Making each time you play the game not only fun, but also an event that draws crowds when they see how immersive the game is due to the suspension of disbelief.

Slowly, I have been accumulating various bits and pieces that I think I may need to accomplish this task for a few years. Likewise, I have been just as slowly working on the project and recently made a vow to myself to have this project completed by years end if not much sooner.

Recently, there has been rumors about Games Workshop re-releasing Space Hulk. This makes sense due to it being the 20th anniversary of its initial release as well as the high prices people are willing to pay on E-bay for a copy of either the 1st or 2nd edition of the game. The developmental work they did 20 years ago is already done, they merely have to authorize it's re-release and its easy money for them to rake in.

I am quite excited about the possible re-release of the game, but at the same time because I already have the rules (which are available at many places on the net) and plan on making my own board, I find that I am not willing to buy the new game unless the rules are superior to anything GW has yet made for the game. But one thing is for sure, I really want this project completed by the time the game does become re-released. While people are playing with their newly bought game that came with paper or plastic tiles using snap-tite terminators and genestealers, my friends and I will be playing with the Rolls-Royce version.

Regardless, I am slowly plugging along, planning tile set-ups in Google Sketchup using Hirst Arts blocks to create the board tiles.

As well as modifying the newest plastic terminators with magnets so that they can have mutable use for either 1st or 2nd ed rules.

I tend to get a head of myself quite a bit and work on several projects at once. Hopefully, I can contain my digression to elements of the Space Hulk game as opposed to working on something completely unrelated and further postponing this long awaited project's completion.

To help ensure that I am urged to stay on target, I have added a space hulk deadline clock to this blog as a constant reminder to me to do what I am supposed to. I have it set to end at the end of this year, but I may change it to whenever space hulk is re-released if it is sooner than December 31st to put more pressure on completing that project.

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