Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Space Hulk concept work: 3D Tiles #3

Update to show a few more board sections shown in Sketchup that are from the White Dwarf 2nd edition missions.

This one shows how the air duct corridors from the 'Defilement of Honour' campaign are incorporated into the 3D project.

The air duct corridors are only accessible by Genestealers or Blip tokens to allow sneak attacks throughout the Space Hulk.

And a full length shot underneath an air duct corridor section to show how they connect areas of other corridors/rooms in Space Hulk.

The bottom blocks are used to support and interlock the surface tiles of the air duct corridor section, and to give spacing for the 1/2" walls locking the air duct corridor section in place to prevent shifting during game play.

Rooms and corridors from the 'Bringer of Sorrow' campaign.

Paintwork progress has been made on Terminators, but I have misplaced my DSLR so photo updates of painted figs will be delayed for a short while.

Revealing past work I have done on this project gives me enough time to play catch-up in instances such as this.

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