Thursday, March 19, 2009

Space Hulk concept work: 3D Tiles #2

This is just a quick update to illustrate a few things about the 3D tiles. First to show you how the doors and bulkheads interact with the tiles themselves and second to clarify the bits on the Sketchup tiles that look out of place.

Here is a pic of a hallway where I scaled the little guy (lets call him "Jervis") to be the same height as a new (2005) plastic Terminator without his base. As you can see, Jervis' head is approximately 1/4" below the top of the walls. The walls at this height will help the problem of visibility even while sitting at the table.

Next is a shot to illustrate visibility of Terminators at a relatively low viewing level as well as any areas in pink are to be considered excess and will not be on the finished tiles. This reflects what pieces I have have to make a custom mold for in order to fit in size requirements.

A bit more concept work is the Genestealer entry area tile. Normally in Space Hulk this is just an open ended area of the tile. But for the sake of visual style, I decided to make a tile for this purpose. It also gives you a place to set your blip counters that might be lurking outside of the entry area on top of the tile.

The wall will look as if the 'Stealers ripped open the side of the corridor to gain access. Hopefully my meager artistic skills in paint can convey this. :D

The design for this could very well change as this isn't a compulsory tile required to play the game. I welcome any suggestions on how this could be done.

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