Friday, March 27, 2009

GW Space Hulk rumors

Well, I have to say that the rumors for GW's re-release of the game gives me a bit of pause concerning my own project.

I am sure most of you have already read new rumors concerning the rerelease of Space Hulk, but I will quote the pertinent entry here:

Hi guys,

More whispers regarding the best Warhammer 40k boardgame ever made, Space Hulk.

Talk about the tubes is that when Games Workshop sets their mind on something they go all the way. Space Hulk is being described as a full bore rework with all the bells and whistles you could ever want.

Sources say to expect it in Q3 2009, and we have heard tales of modular plastic boards, an extensive set of large scale sprues with all the termys and genestealers you can shake a stick it, and all new fancy elements such as sliding doors and the like. There might even be a need for batteries (perhaps). Expect a full sized boxed game that will make all you cry with tears of joy.

~I was somewhat excited after our last Space Hulk rumor, but its looking like its not going to be just a simple re-release but a hefty overhaul. Now I'm excited!

Its an enormous cost expenditure to create a custom tile set like this and am quite curious to see how GW are going to visualize their Space Hulk Tiles.

My thoughts on this are to create the masters in anticipation of molding the tiles. But hold off on actually making the molds and casting the tiles until I see shots of what GW are going to do since making the molds and casting are actually quite quickly done. (A mere matter of a couple days of work, as opposed to weeks of work designing tiles and building masters.)

The reasons for this are because I have no idea what GW are going to be doing design wise for their game. Will they make corridors wide enough for dreadnoughts to be allowed for example? Are they going to do something different for rooms? etc.

While my tiles are 2.5" wide and are able to accommodate the widest arm span of any Genestealer, I think that models such as dreadnoughts will be a tight fit at best if they do intend on including such models in the newest version.

This is all supposition as we do not know what GW is planning, but this project is an effort to make it backward and forward compatible with all versions of the game. So in the interest of compatibility I will only work on the masters until such time as I have a better understanding of where this release is going.

This will allow for easier adjustments later on, instead of sinking an enormous amount of time and effort into an incompatible tile set.

If no changes are made by GW for tile design, then I can still cast the pieces needed and have the tiles ready to play with well before it is released to the general public.

The project isn't being canned by any means as the tiles I have already designed function quite well for 1st & 2nd edition. However, progress will be made at a more cautious pace until more in known.


  1. My thought is that there will NOT be any walls; only plastic interlocking floor tiles that could be expanded with the Cities of Death Scenery line.

  2. I agree that there will likely not be any walls included.

    I also doubt that the Cities of Death walls will be very useful for Space Hulk corridors and rooms. For one very good reason, they are 3" high. Mine are just barely above half that height and I think that is the maximum height I can go before the board would be come unplayable.

    With a 3" height, visibility of the models is hampered from above, even though may COD walls are perforated with windows. You also have a problem arise for moving models, especially blip counters and other such tokens in play like overwatch/jammed/flame markers/etc.

    All I can say to those hoping COD walls can be easily incorporated is good luck making it a playable board. You're going to need the luck.


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