Monday, March 30, 2009

Even more Space Hulk rumors

I have been seeing a few more sightings of rumors, but I got an email yesterday about a few interesting tidbits. But first some new rumors that have been floating around a few various forums.

  • Possibly an October release.
  • Possibly £60 or about $90 USD (this makes sense as it fits the price point of similar big box games such as Descent from FFG)
  • 10 Terminators, all differently posed (though the uniqueness of each pose may only vary slightly, much like Assault on Black Reach Terminators)
  • Terminator Captain with options for Thunder Hammer/Stormshield or Power weapon/Storm bolter.
  • Librarian who'll be 'descending a set of stairs'
  • Not sure about Genestealer stuff
  • The tiles are going to be card.

Stuff that was sent to me that does tie in somewhat to the above info:

  • Terminators will have 40mm scenic bases included, quite possible that they will be square. (the scenic bases rumor matches what we have seen regarding the Librarian's 'descending stairs' rumor)
  • The scale for the board spaces will likewise increase in size from the 30mm that Space Hulk has had for the past 2 editions to 40mm or 45mm square.
  • The card tiles are said to be 'embossed'.
I have no idea who sent me this, so take these rumors with the grain of salt that merits such anonymous info. If you have any info regarding the above please do not hesitate to comment and either confirm or dispute such rumors.

But if these do turn out to be true, then there are many things that these minor rumors do bring to light.
  1. The rules are seeming to be based more on 1st ed than it is on 2nd ed. This is deduced by the inclusion of the Captain and Librarian. The rules are also changing because we see the Captain can now be armed with a Thunder Hammer/Storm shield. This option was not previously possible in 1st ed in any of its expansions. So we have at least a very vague glimpse into what the rules may look like.
  2. The increase in base size for the Terminators and the possibility that they will be square makes sense if GW are to include scenic bases. Scenic bases for Terminators does not seem likely on a 25mm base, especially since the newer style of terminators do not exactly fit on 25mm bases to begin with. Also it makes sense because this is a standalone boardgame and square bases should have been included in the game originally anyways since facing is so important to the Space Hulk game mechanic.
  3. Genestealers may likely share this new basing scheme. This is important because Genestealers will no longer topple over because of their high center of gravity versus their comparatively small bases they previously had.
  4. The embossed card tiles may be a lackluster attempt at making the game marketable towards both the hobbyist and the boardgamer alike. Rumors about what the tiles are made of are so conflicting that it might be possible that the base game will include card tiles, but that there are plastic tiles made available through hobby shops or direct order for the hobbyists who play this game (which are GW's main bread and butter nowadays. GW makes games to sell models, not models to sell games. This is GW's frst attempt at an actual stand alone board game in over 15 years. I find it unlikely that GW will actually not try to make as much money off of this release as they possibly can. And that means making as much stuff for the hobbyists as they can).
  5. The 'embossed' tiles also might possibly mean that they are vacuformed plastic tiles, much like what we saw with the 40K 'moon crater' set.
So far, the only thing I am seeing that might affect my project is that the bases might possibly be square and perhaps the new options for the Captain. Pretty minor in the grand scheme of things.

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